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Igniter100 is the parent company we are all working with

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The company’s businesses revolve around 7 ecosystems which include: Financial technology (fintech), Ecommerce, Transportation, Energy, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and SAAS.

The company company has personally produced and maintained 6 projects: Igniter Academy, Igniter Pay, You Rent, Aladin, Bizpad, Krypto Change

Igniter100 also invest in over 100 profit generating projects around the world known as external projects

For instance, you’re into a new business and you need experts to analyze the feasibility of your projects and also capital to grow your project, you can take your proposal to igniter100 and they’ll do an in-depth evaluation of your project and if it’s something that will be successful after thorough assessment, igniter100 will invest in such projects and own between 1% – 10% shares in the project.

So igniter100 has invested in over 100 of such projects and that is why it’s called igniter100 and once it hits 200 projects, it’ll be called igniter200
Igniter is basically a modern day Berkshire Hathaway ( Warren Buffet’s company) if you don’t know who this is, he is the 3rd richest man in the world but he’ss the richest investor.

Berkshire Hathaway is a large investment fund in which they own many smaller companies within it, this diversifies their investment, decreasing the risk

To give a brief example, if you invest into 5 companies rather than one, the risk is spread so you only need one of them to succeed to do well!

Igniter 100 has a similar model – it is a VAT and UK registered business with offices in London (info available on companies house) : a crowdfunding company which invests in startup projects
Some of the external projects of igniter100 include: Fingo Pay, Celo, Poly Solar, Vitl, Harts Group, Flesky, Feedr, Nebeus, Emoov, 99 Home, Plum, Mappix, Babb, Qured, Go Henry, Picfair and Pack’d just to mention afew.

Igniter100 also invest in eToro the largest Ecommerce in the world.

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How does solmax global comes in?
As I said before, igniter100 is the parent company and to access the company shares and become a shareholder of all the igniter100 projects, you need to pass through the marketing arm of the company called SOLMAX GLOBAL

Solmax Global is the marketing arm/unit of Igniter100. So to buy Igniter100 shares, you get access through solmax global.

The company is offering 49 percent of its shares to the public in an IPO (initial public offering)

While angel investors own a 20 percent stake and 30 percent are owned by corporate. 

By you buying shares in (Igniter100) you would be buying shares in innovative fintech projects which aim to change the future of finance and many other industries alike. You have a chance to be a part of something bigger!

Igniter100 is a private company and will go public by the first quarter of this year in the London stock exchange as communicated by the company and interested investors can buy shares in the company and become co-owners and earn profits from the total sales of the company in relation to the units of shares you own in the company

Now how do we make money in the company?
There are different ways of earning in solmax/Igniter100
Firstly, let me talk about how to earn money as a shareholder in the company

The shares come in packages.
Any package you choose gives you a specific number of shares which after listing, you can sell and make mouth watering profits or get monthly dividend for a lifetime.
There are two ways you can successful secure your shares in Solmax/ IGNITER100…

1. Leave your shares open and earn 1% daily for 200days

2. πŸ”’ Lock up your shares untill they go listing by the first quarter of this year and earn 100% more…

All can goπŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

Option 1 allows you to earn 1% daily of your investment for 200 days ( Saturdays and Sundays not inclusive) of which 75% is paid to your open account which you can withdraw once you accumulate up to Β£30 while 25% is paid to your trade account and used to get you igniter100 shares and can be accessible after listing in the London stock exchange

Option 2 is when you decide to lockup your total shares and not wanting to earn 1% daily.
So your whole amount will be used to acquire you shares in Igniter100 and you’ll be given a promotional i100 bonus of 100% extra shares of your chosen package. So if you buy a share of Β£100, you’ll be awarded 100% extra i.e extra Β£100 as promo shares, which will make it a total of Β£200

the company presents 8 packages you can choose from

25Β£ = 34$. =
50Β£ = 68$ =
100Β£ = 136$ =
250Β£ = 340$ =
500Β£ = 680$ =
1000Β£ = 1360$ = N600,000
2500Β£ = 3401$ = N1,500,000
5000Β£ = 6801$ = N3,000,000

A unit of share in solmax currently is costing, Β£0.61 (N365). It started from Β£0.01 (N6)

So the package you choose will determine how many units of shares you will hold in the company

Note: the higher the number of shares you have in the company, the more profit you’ll make once the company goes public

It is estimated that a value of i100 share will in worst scenario increase to Β£6 R120 ( N3,600) once the company goes public

So the unit of shares you’re buying now at Β£0.61 (N365), you can sell same units at Β£6 R120 (N3,600) once the listing process is done.

Imagine having 1000 units of shares in solmax and selling them at the opening stock price of Β£6 = R120 (N3,600)
That’ll be Β£6000 R120 000 (N3,600,000)

[14/03, 11:32 am] +234 7089929739: HOW DO I BECOME A MEMBER OR OWN SHARES AND BONUSES?

Any package you choose automatically qualify you to become an investor and also to earn bonus. You may choose to become an “INVESTOR ONLY” or refer others and “EARN BONUS & AMAZING AWARDS” as well.

7 ENTRY PACKAGES ranges from Β£25 to Β£5,000 Or upgrade later. But the higher the Package, the more income you get.


A. SMART PACK: Β£25 (25BV)= 15,000#

  1. ROOKIE PACK Β£50(50BV) =N30,000
  2. BASIC PACK Β£100(100BV) =N60,000
  3. STARTER PACK Β£250(250BV) =N150,000
  4. EXECUTIVE PACK Β£500(500BV) =N300,000
  5. PREMIUM PACK Β£1,000(1000BV) =N600,000
  6. PROFESSIONAL PACK Β£2,500(2,500BV) =N1,500,000
  7. ELITE PACK Β£5,000(5,000BV) =N3,000,000
    [14/03, 11:32 am] +234 902 692 6772: Understanding what the SOLMAX business opportunity is all about.

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1) Solmax is the marketing partner for a technology company called igniter100. Solmax is marketing all igniter100 projects worldwide through direct marketing and affiliate marketing plan.

2) Solmax is a London based company registered and in business since 2017. Regulated by the FCA and member of London Chamber Of Commerce & Industries.

3) What Does Solmax Do To Generate Money?

4) Through the marketing of over 100 projects ran by igniter100 worldwide in 7 key Eco Systems.

5) Igniter100 is a company with many projects in the Blockchain, Fintech, Ecommerce, Digital Banking, SAAS, AI and Energy eco system.

6) Igniter100 has over 100 projects in 7 key Eco Systems actively running worldwide, of which 93 of these projects are external and 6 are internal projects.

7) External projects are companies that igniter100 have invested in and they own stake of the company, while internal projects are projects that are 100% owned by igniter100.

8) How can i benefit from all this???

9) By buying investment packages through the SOLMAX business opportunity.

10) What do i benefit from buying these packages?

11) Igniter100 is the company you are investing in when you buy an investment package through the SOLMAX business opportunity.

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12) Solmax is giving opportunities to members to become Stake Holders in all igniter100 projects worldwide and share PROFIT with the company every day.

13) All members who buy an investment package enjoy the following package benefits.


  • Igniter100 STOs (Equity shares) that gives you ownership in all igniter100 projects worldwide both internal and external.
  • You get paid 1% daily ROI of whatever you invested for 200 working days (Sat & Sun not inclusive) of which 75% of daily ROI is paid to an Open Account which you can withdraw from every week on Mondays and 25% paid to Trade Account and used to buy you Shares in igniter100. Calculated monthly is 20% of which 15% is paid to you in cash and 5% paid to you on Shares.
  • Solmax reserves 100 slots for the first 100 members in a country to invest Β£5000 or above on first come first serve basis for PCM (President Club Members). They share 2% of Solmax daily sales this benefit is very huge, currently in Nigeria it is filling up very fast last week was 10 slots left and counting in Nigeria.
  • Also you get free Academic Credit Units to study over 300 courses on FinTech in 25 different languages in the Igniter-Acamedy, and you are given certificate of international standard after study by prestigious educational institutions in UK one of which is; City and Guilds London Institute founded by the Queen of England.

14) Everyone is a winner in Solmax, you don’t need to refer to earn. Just register, invest and earn money every day you also get equity shares of igniter that gives you ownership of all igniter100 projects worldwide. You are given acedmic credit units to study over 300 courses on Fintech (Financial technology) in over 30 different languages and given certificate after study.

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15) You can either come in as an INVESTOR or an INDEPENDENT MARKETING PARTNER (IMP). However you make money.

16) An investor is who wants to put in his money and don’t want to refer anybody, you enjoy all the afarmentioned package benefits i stated earlier. But if you refer you are an independent marketing partner (IMP), you will get same package benefits also make more money through the Solmax compensation plan.

17) Solmax Compensation Plan.πŸ‘‡

  • Direct referral bonus 10%
  • Team bonus 10%
  • Matching bonus 20%
  • Rank bonuses include; Amazon tablets, Apple smart watch, Mac Air laptop, Rolex, Mercedes Benz car, Maserati car, Bentley continental, Rose royce.


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[19/03, 8:00 am] +234 7089929739: πŸ’’ IGNITER200 SOLMAX GLOBAL πŸ’’

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1_ 25$πŸ’΅
2_ 50$πŸ’΅
3_ 100$πŸ’΅
4_ 250$πŸ’΅
5_ 500$πŸ’΅
6_ 1000$πŸ’΅
7_ 2500$πŸ’΅
8_ 5000$πŸ’΅


πŸ’± ALL YOUR LOYALTY POINT IS GIVING TO YOU ON THE DAY OF PACKAGE PURCHASE. A % Of it will be paid into your OPEN Account WEEKLY where you can Use it to Buy SMG Academic Packages and Giftcodes or Withdraw.

πŸ’± DIRECT BONUS: 10% Upon Every SMG Academic Packages purchased

5000$ Business Volume on your left
5000$ Business Volume on your right
get Paid on the weaker leg 500$ as your binary bonus

1️⃣ Starter 1% For 4 Levels
2️⃣ Executive 2% For 4 Level
3️⃣ Premium 3% For 4 Level
4️⃣ Professional 4% For 4 Level
5️⃣ Elite 5% For 4 Levels

Matching Bonus Qualification
2 Direct Sponsor With Minimum of 250 dollars package

Deposits & Withdraw Method
Bank BTC PerfectMoney Skrilcredit card*

[19/03, 7:50 pm] +234 7089929739: PLEASE KNOW THATπŸ‘‡
All of ur i200’s will be given on the day u purchase ur packages.

*Every week a certain percentage % will be released into ur open accountπŸ‘‡

*You can sell,withdraw or use the i200 utility tokens to either buy things online and offline.

*Buy educational packages and gift codes…..

All new release of SMG Academy will be lunch now that the i200 utility tokens have been lunch.

*New courses and industries


*New educators will be bought on board for weekly lessons

*Interactive courses

*Shop and business from around the world will be bought on board for members to use their i200 utility tokens.

*The aim is to use i200 tokens to shop and increase usability.

*The official i200 White papers will be released now that i200 utility tokens have been lunched.
It will explain all information regarding the i200 utility tokens and the usage.

For anybody to be a part of this great opportunity at this time is divine,
So therefore, don’t let the buying of SOLMAX i200 utility tokens pass u by.invest now why the price re still low…’s time to take advantage……

SIGN-UP HERE PLEASE πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰

If you have any questions contact me… your financial freedom advocate,a digital and affiliates marketer,Forex analyst, lead and traffic source consultant and publisher(chinonso Eme uzoigwe)..…. thank you


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Many people venture into many trades and businesses today because they have capital, others because they are trying what ever means to make ends meet…. with out knowing what they are doing……


Today we are going to discuss what is entrepreneurship

Meaning.history.concept.types.element, characteristics and forms.advantages and disadvantages.

An entrepreneur is an individual who create a new business venture,who has the ability and readiness to develop,organise and run a is also the concept of developing and managing a business, venture inorder to gain or maximize profits by taking several risk in the corporate world.


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